CaliberX Review

caliberx review

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There exists an eternal question for men, one that not so many men want to face. That question is this― does penis size really matter?

Well, we hate to break it to you, but it does. Surveys show that in the US, there are 67%  of women out there who secretly desire that their partners have larger penises. Additionally, 50% of the women surveyed admitted that they cheated on their partner at least once because of their size.

Even though penis size is actually not a topic most couples like to talk about, it is a topic worth tackling. After all, great communication plays a vital role in any successful relationship. Another factor is intimacy. However, it is hard to have full intimacy without sex. In fact, a study done by experts stated that sex is important because it brings the affection couples need to make their relationships sucessful. In addition, the study also mentioned that regular intimacy between partners is closely related to relationship satisfaction and overall well-being.

After decades of studies by experts, it is clear that sex matters. Given that penis size contributes to sexual satisfaction of both men and women, it should not be a taboo anymore.

The global average penis size is 5.5 inches. In the United States, it’s 5.1 inches. However, both figures are significantly lower compared to that with the highest national average, which is Congo. In Congo, the average penis size is 7.1 inches. It’s followed by Ecuador at 6.9 inches, Ghana at 6.8 inches, and Colombia & Venezuela both at 6.7 inches.

We don’t mean to body shame men here, but the truth has to be exposed. Otherwise, a lot of romantic relationships will suffer. More women won’t be satisfied in bed, and more men will keep on wondering exactly why.

This is what exactly happened to Kevin Davis. Kevin was in a loving relationship with his fiancee, until he came home one day only to see her having sex with someone else in the shower. He immediately broke up with her, but that did not really ease the pain. Kevin wondered for a long time why his fiancee cheated on him. He only knew that truth when he saw his former fiancee’s friend at a bar. She then told Kevin that the only reason why his former fiancee cheated on him was because the other guy was well endowed.

Because of this, Kevin felt bad about his size. He was depressed, but he rose from the ashes of his destroyed relationship. Kevin wanted to know if there was a way for his manhood to improve. There actually was, but he found it in unexpected places.

Through Kevin’s great discovery, CaliberX was born. CaliberX is a male enhancement product that promises to bring more satisfaction to couples all over the world by improving penis size. But does this product really work? Keep on reading to find out.

caliberx pills supplement

What is CaliberX?

CaliberX is an all-natural supplement made to enhance penis size. It is made of safe ingredients which all work together to help men struggling with their penis sizes. It promises a penis growth of up to 3 inches in a month. CaliberX promises to make the genital thicker as well. 

In particular, the product claims to increase testosterone levels, promote muscle growth, and facilitate better blood circulation.

First, CaliberX increases testosterone levels by correcting vitamin deficiencies in the body. This is backed up by the study saying that vitamin deficiencies are linked with low testosterone levels. Once the right vitamins are supplied to the body, significant positive effects on its testosterone levels take place.

Next, the male supplement promotes muscle growth by supplying the body with enough protein, which is the building block of muscles. CaliberX also triggers the expansion of the penis’ erectile tissue in a constant rate. As a bonus, the product provides natural strengthening of the penis’ cartilage.

Lastly, the product enhances sexual performance by sustaining an erection long enough to please someone. CaliberX does this by improving blood circulation. Once blood circulation is improved, more blood goes to the penis. When this happens, the penis stays erect for a longer period compared to when there is poor blood circulation.

What are the ingredients?

Kevin Davis, the creator of CaliberX, travelled to the top five countries in terms of penis size (Congo, Ecuador, Ghana, Colombia, and Venezuela) to find out exactly why the men living there have penises that are above average. It turns out that it is not just the ethnicity that determines the penis size. It is the diet as well.

Davis found out that there are certain ingredients in the said males’ diets that contribute to their above average penis size. So, he gathered all of these ingredients to help others enlarge their manhood as well.

CaliberX contains Vitamin E and B3 which are found in plantains and super herbs from Ghana and Congo. These ingredients facilitate muscle growth and prevents the penis from going limp.

The next essential ingredient of CaliberX is Damiana Aphrodisiaca, which is a plant from Colombia and Venezuela. It has been used by local tribes to cure erectile dysfunction. Apparently, it works with other ethnicities as well.

The last amazing ingredient is Muira Puama, a plant native to the Amazon rainforest. It is a male stimulant that signals the brain to produce more hormones that facilitate stronger and longer erections. It also targets the testicles which boost the production of testosterone.


  • CaliberX is an all-natural product so it is safe.
  • CaliberX can be used together with other supplements because it is specially designed to not cause complications when used with other supplements.
  • CaliberX can be taken by people with allergies because the quantity of its ingredients are below the allergy-triggering level.
  • CaliberX offers a 60-day money back guarantee to all of its customers.
  • CaliberX was taken by 64,000 people who proved it works.
  • CaliberX can be delivered straight to your house for free.


  • CaliberX cannot be taken by people undergoing medication or chemical treatment.
  • CaliberX have fake versions, so you should be careful.

caliberx reviews


After knowing what the product is, how it works, its ingredients, the pros, and the cons, CaliberX is definitely worth your money.

It may not be perfect, but it is nothing short of excellent. Plus, its pros overpowers the cons. This supplement deserves a place on the “must-have supplements for men” list.

Getting CaliberX is a great decision, if not the best decision of your life. Trust us, you and your partner will surely love it.

caliberx supplement review

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